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Message from Anna – April 3rd

03 Apr 2014

I have some really great memories of the European tour I just finished… playing on a boat in Hungary, going on a long walk in Slovakia with Mally and getting very lost…I remember the passion of the Polish audiences, and how much I enjoyed playing in Berlin again.. I very much enjoyed Frankfurt, and coming back to Brussels was also a highlight, as was the very intimate solo show I did afterwards, which Glenn and Mally joined me for..I must say I have very much enjoyed these solo shows, and I’m sure I will do more of them in the future..

I wanted to tell you I will be releasing some new work very soon, which I recorded with some friends in New York recently..

I’m also excited to return to Australia in May, for a show in Melbourne and the Sydney Opera house, which will be quite an honour..

I hope to see some of you at a festival this summer…

With love,