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A message from Anna and watch ‘A Kiss To Your Twin’ live from St John’s Church

28 Aug 2015

Thank you to every one who came to my Meltdown show at Queen Elizabeth Hall the other night, it was really one of my favourite shows, the choir were so amazing; when they were singing Rachmaninov during the encore I was staring down at my guitar thinking how lucky I was to be able to do something like this.

I’ve had quite a lot of stand out memories in the last few months- rehearsing with an orchestra in Sesto Al Reghena for the festival ‘Sexto N’plugged’ in an ancient hall which was part of a convent, singing First We Kiss whilst thunder and lighting was raging outside- it was dramatically perfect! And later that night singing alongside Patrick Wolf, and then talking with the lead vocalist of the choir for hours after the show about opera singing, as I have this hidden desire to sing opera, so I’m always so excited to be around opera singers. I also received a really beautiful book of drawings that night from a fan, who didn’t leave her name, but if she reads this- thank you, I will treasure them.

Most recently I have great memories of playing with The Heritage Orchestra at Edinburgh Festival for three nights in a row- I’ve never been to this festival so it was a real eye opener to me, I can’t wait to come back as a visitor next year. I can’t tell you how much I love to hear my songs augmented with an orchestra and choir, it’s the most thrilling thing I could imagine. I’m hooked..

I’ve been writing my third record, and trying to be a sponge to other art forms, I recently saw ‘A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night’ it’s a beautiful film and I really recommend you go and see it if you can. I’ve been enjoying Ezra Furman’s new record and I have been contemplating buying another Jaguar guitar..

I hope this finds you all well,
With love,